How to Access the RockAIR Log Files

Instructions on how do send the log files to TracPlus Support are as follows:

If you do NOT have an SD card reader, you can connect the unit to a computer via USB:

·        Unplug the device

·        Hold the Yellow and Blue buttons together until all of the lights turn on

·        Press the Blue button by itself and the Blue and Yellow lights should start flashing out of time with the Green and the Red lights

·        When this is happening, plug the unit via USB into a computer

·        Open the drive that appears on your computer when it’s plugged in

·        Please copy the entire folder and email it through to

If you have an SD card reader, please use this method:

·        Remove the Rubber strip from the front of the device (where the buttons are)

·        While looking at the buttons, please remove the Black SD Card from the slot on the left side of the device.

·        With the SD Card removed, please insert it into the SD Card Reader.

·        Plug the reader into a computer and open the file.

·        Copy the ‘Log.txt’ file to an email send to

If you have any questions, please give TracPlus Support a call

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