New Account and New Assets

New Customer Account

For new customers, before you can begin to using our services, hardware and software, you will need to open an account with TracPlus. This will provide you with access to the full TracPlus software suite and user credentials.

All billing is in arrears, you will be issued an invoice monthly. This includes the fee for your software access subscription, satellite connection fee for your GPS device(s) and airtime, data or minutes used.

To request an account, print off the attached New Account form, fill in the details, sign, scan and return to TracPlus at TracPlus Support.

Once setup, our support team will contact you and provide details of your new user access and information on how to access the TracPlus software that you require.

To set up a New Asset

If you have an account already but would like to register and activate a new asset, phone or device with TracPlus, you will need to provide the following information to TracPlus Support. Please allow up to 24 hours for activation.

What are the Asset details

(What type of asset, vehicle, aircraft, vessel, person and how you want it displayed in the TracPlus software)
Registration / Name:

What are the Tracking Device details?

(What type of device is it and preferred setup)
Manufacturer's Serial:
IMEI Number:
Cell Phone Number / SIM Card Number (if Device capable):
Tracking Rate:
Activity sense (if available):

What are the ICE (In Case of Emergency) Contact details?

Emergency call contact details(Who you would like to be called if the distress function is activated, minimum 2 contacts)
Phone / Mobile Number:

Phone / Mobile Number:

Emergency SMS contact details(Will receive a text message if the distress is activated, minimum 2 contacts)
Mobile Number:

Mobile Number:

Permissions for Visibility

(Other than your main TracPlus account, are there any other Users or TracPlus customers you would like to be able to see the tracking for this asset)
Usercode (If known):
Customer name:

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