Satamatic 201/202/401 Overview

The SAT-401 satellite terminal from Honeywell Global Tracking is a multi-purpose satellite terminal for tracking and monitoring assets like vehicles, vessels, and cargo containers. The Satamatics 401 uses the Inmarsat constellation of satellites and the IsatM2M standard.

The SAT-401 terminal is powered by the asset and can be used in virtually all environments, and can be programmed to send and receive customised data from internal and external sensors – including temperature, humidity, vibration and shock.

Satamatics 401

Satamatics 401 Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 112 mm x 37 mm (4.4" x 1.5")
Weight: 220g (12.0 oz) excluding cables
Connector: 2-way Bulgin
Operating Temperature: -40 C to +70 C (-40 F to 158 F)
Humidity: <95% @ +40 C (+104 F)
Vibration and Shock: Meets Inmarsat-D requirements
IP Rating: IP66
Power (Typical)  
Sleep: 1.5mW
Receive: 1.5W (incl. GPS)
Transmit: 6W
Power Supply Voltage: 9.6V to 32V 'smoothed' DC
Serial Interface: Asynchronous serial RS323
Baud Rate: 4800 to 9600 bps
Parity / Data Bits / Stop Bits: N, 8, 1
Configurable Inputs / Outputs: Three
Open Drain Output: 250mA max. sink current
Satellite Connectivity  
Elevation Angle:  
Frequency Range:  
Message Latencies:  
Inmarsat Type Approcval: Yes
FCC: Yes
CE: Yes
ICASA: Pending
Sat 401 Technical Specifications

Attached is the User's Manual for the Sat 201 which has the same features and operates similarly to the Sat 401. 

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