Hardware Features Summary

Enjoy the freedom of using software and hardware that meets your individual needs.

We don’t live in a ‘one size fits all’ world. TracPlus software integrates with an ever-growing range of tracking devices from multiple manufacturers. TracPlus enables customers to mix and match across land, sea, and air assets according to their specific mission and regulatory requirements. 

GPS Device Key Features



NAL Shout ts

NAL 9602-LP NAL 9602-A Iridium GO! iPhone Tracker Flightcell DZMx Trotter Controls DATAVAULT
Iridium Capable  
Cellular Capable              
Form Factor Carry On / Carry Off  Handheld External Mount External Mount Handheld Internal Mount Internal Mount Handheld and Mountable Handheld DZUS Avionics 3 1/8" Panel
Internal Power Source/Battery Backup Only

Backup Only

       Backup Only
Internal Antenna      
External Antenna            
Impact Resistant          
2-Way Satellite Texting Requires TP Connect Requires TP Connect     Requires App Via iOS
2-Way Satellite Voice               Requires App    
Remote Configuration        
Keypad Requires TP Connect  Requires TP Connect Touch Screen      Requires App  
Contact List Requires TP Connect  Requires TP Connect Requires TP Connect Requires TP Connect      Requires App  
Bluetooth         Via iOS    
WiFi               Via iOS
Portable           ✔     
External Switch Support Distress Distress Distress   Distress / Rate Distress / Rate    
External Inputs 5 Digital    2 Digital 2 Digital   2 Digital 2 Digital     12 Digital / Analog 5 Digital
Dual Rate Time Tracking    Activity Sense  Activity Sense      
Dual Rate Distance Tracking                  
 Key Features of GPS Devices

All devices are GPS and Distress enabled. All devices are Iridium capable with the exception of the iPhone.

For a full list of advanced features please visit tracplus.com or our product overviews in the TracPlus Knowledge Base

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